Meeting Minutes, May 5, 2013

`Ahahui `Aina Ho`opulapula `O Waiohuli dba
Waiohuli Undivided Interest Lessees Association
Meeting 12:40 to 1:55 p.m. Sunday 5/5/13, Hawaiian Canoe Club, Kahului

PULE by Kekoa Enomoto.


Frances Williams had testified 4/22/13 urging the Hawaiian Homes
Commission to pass a resolution granting to undivided-interest lessees the
first right of refusal, in order of date of application, for homestead
offerings on all islands. Regarding the testimony, it was discussed that
Waiohuli Undivided Interest Lessees recently received DHHL notice of Maui
offerings. They included two homesteads at Leali`i and one at Wai`ehu Kou
III; latter is a six-year-old, three-bedroom/two-bath home for $155,000.
Beneficiaries interested in trading/selling/buying DHHL leases can get
information/guidance by contacting officers: Kekoa Enomoto, phone 276-2713,
email, or Emma Abihai, phone (808) 264-6299, email

COMMITTEE REPORTS Leimomi Dinneen and Aulani Takatsuka were among some 12, who attended a Hawaiian Community Assets (HCA) financial-management workshop with Blossom Feiteira 4/13/13 at QLCC.


. Emma Abihai, Clarence Freitas and Joy Aulani Takatsuka will attend an
HCA financial-management workshop with Blossom Feiteira from 8 a.m. to 5
p.m. 5/11/13 at QLCC. Others, including Keokea farmers, interested should
RSVP with Emma Abihai at phone (808) 264-6299, email

. HOAP, or Home Ownership Assistance Program, workshops will start soon
on Maui and O`ahu, per Kamana`o Mills of DHHL.

. 6/2/13 association elections slate:

president Emma Abihai
vice president Aulani Takatsuka
secretary Kekoa Enomoto
treasurer Carol Lee Kamekona

board of directors (six)
Leimomi Dinneen
Johanna Jacintho
Nalani Hu`eu Ka`auamo
Joy Aulani Takatsuka
Ka`uhane Lu`uwai
Frances Williams (O`ahu)

. Stewart Matsunaga of DHHL indicated he will convene with the Waiohuli
Undivided Interest Lessees Association board on/about 6/26/13 at 5:15 p.m.
in a Hawaiian Canoe Club meeting room to give an estimated cost for
flood-mitigation efforts.

. Homestead hike No. 2 participants will stage at 8 a.m. on/about
8/24/13 adjacent to Keanuhea Bridge between Waiohuli Hikina and Waiohuli
Undivided subdivisions.


. O`ahu beneficiaries of the Waiohuli Undivided Interest subdivision are
scheduled to meet from 2 to 4 p.m. Sunday 5/19/13 in Manoa. Kekoa Enomoto
will ask Frances Williams to host the meeting, since Puamana Crabbe is
preparing for a 5/22/13 MAMO wearable-art show at Hawai`i Theatre.

. Testimony persons/issues for the following dates/sites, especially
8/19/13 and 10/21/13 on Maui:

. 5/20/13 Kulana `Oiwi Molokai: Ask Kammy Purdy to read testimony
re: mahalo to Hawaiian Homes Commission for giving Waiohuli Undivided
Interest Lessees first right of refusal for three Maui homesteads; DHHL
fiduciary responsibility in light of $82 million in delinquent mortgage
payments by lessees (see story at website
), and $52 million in NAHASDA funding not
allocated by DHHL since 2009.
. 6/17/13 Kapolei, O`ahu: Frances Williams.
. 7/22/13 Lihu`e, Kaua`i: Ask Sabra Kauka to read testimony.
. 8/19/13 6 p.m. Paukukalo homestead: {suggested 2.5 minutes per
person} Emma Abihai, Nalani Hu`eu Ka`auamo, Carol Lee Kamekona, Aulani
Takatsuka re: association accomplishments in 11 months.
. 9/23/13 Kona: Ask Kaliko Chun to read testimony.
. 10/21/13 6 p.m. Waiohuli/Keokea, Maui: Emma Abihai, Nalani Hu`eu
Ka`auamo, Carol Lee Kamekona, Aulani Takatsuka; PowerPoint presentation on
8/24/13 hike/archaeological sites.
. 11/18/13 Hilo TBD.
. 12/16/13 Kapolei, O`ahu: Frances Williams.

NEXT MEETING/ELECTIONS Proposed joint meeting with the Keokea Homestead Farm
Lots Association from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sunday 6/2/13 at Keokea; Kekoa
Enomoto will make a request to the Keokea association board.

PULE HO`OKU`U by President pro tem Emma Abihai.

Respectfully submitted,

Kekoa Enomoto
Secretary pro tem 5/6/13